New knowledge for sale

© Eugene A. Grigor'ev

For sale:
for the very wealthy only      

1. The ability to leave your name in the history of science.

2. A new hypothesis in the field of nuclear physics and copyrights on it,
    including the right to first publication on its behalf.

  The price of the service EUR 200 000 000.

Open an account in my name in a reputable Bank in Finland, in Helsinki.

Address for correspondence:

Russia, 188357, Leningrad region, Gatchina r-n, s.Nikolskoe,
PB №1 im. Kashchenko, otd. №4

Russia, 198412, St. Petersburg, g.Lomonosov, Ul. Krasnogo Flota, d.5, kv.20

To write in Russian only - I don't understand You otherwise.

Use only DHL - Russian mail unreliable.
Duplicate on E-mail.

My details:

Eugene A. Grigoriev, 17.02.1953 year of birth, g.Bryansk; USSR
registration: Russia, 198412, St. Petersburg, g.Lomonosov, ul.Krasnogo Flota, d.5, kv.20


I Recommend to hurry - my old age has already come.
I can take my knowledge with me to the grave.


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