Design of device with use of
coils of household electric motors.

The calculation of two the placed each other segmented toruses is made. In calculation the parameters appropriate to industrially made coils are used. The errors of manufacturing of system - displacement of coils on radius, displacement on an axis of system and angular errors is taken into account.

The calculation of the first set of coils (double-torus).

L - Length of the party of the square coil [m];

A - Distance between toruses [m];

NK - number of coils in torus;

du - angle between coils [rad];

Ic - Ampere-turns of one coil [A];

R1 - radius of an internal hole of torus [m];

W - calculated area of a field;

DR , DA , Du - errors of manufacture of the device;











The calculation of the second set of coils (double-torus), placed with errors.






     " Tesla "

Structure of the calculated summarized magnetic field as the graph of the Cantor.
The cuts of surfaces of a level of equal strength of MF are shown.
The vector of strength is directed perpendicularly to plane of figure.

As it is visible from the graph, use of industrially made coils is quite acceptable. Thus the inaccuracy of manufacture does not play a main role. The symmetry of a system can be observed approximately. It will not affect cardinally basic property of the device - creation of a magnetic field such as " magnetic cocoon ".


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